Old World Vintage

Old World Vintage

Artisan Surface Textures

Inspired by the European Countryside of long ago, these uniquely beautiful tile surface textures reveal the age old process of handcrafting each tile individually. Hand Swirl Brushed and hand applied moss textures with colors you select make each tile unique.


Vintage Slate #1696

Old World Vintage #V1696 Slate

#1642 Vintage Old Mission

#V1642 Factory Blend Vintage Old Mission

Weight Options

In addition to our standard weight 9.5-11.75 lbs per sq ft tile, we offer two other weight options for re-roofing and severe climates.  Click on an option below for more details.

 Super Duty


Vintage Gallery

Old World Vintage in the Slate and Split Timber profiles come with the Ruffcut, Cottage and Swirl Brushed Options included as well as the moss and lichen surface textures. The Sierra Mission and Old Mission come with the Swirl Brushed Option.

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Vintage Style Options

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Vintage Slate

 Vintage Old Mission

 Vintage Sierra Mission

 Vintage Split Timber

 Vintage European