Bartile: The Logical Choice

  • Durable: 75 year Warranty, Exceeds Class A Fire Rating and Class 4 Hail Rating, Walkable, Made for Harsh Climates
  • Beautifully Custom: Over 20 Styles and Options in over 700 Colors we can create any look you desire
  • Enviromentally Friendly: Made of Recycled Material, Long Life Span, Made from Local Materials
  • Saves Money:  Insulates better to save on utility costs, One of the Lowest Lifetime Roofing Products

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Through the last seventy years Bartile has perfected the art of custom roof tile creation.  With our unique blend of innovation and creativity, Bartile has set the standard for custom colors and matchless styles.  Through the medium of concrete roofing tiles our artisans have crafted works of art on the canvass of structures across the nation.  Browse our tile roofing galleries to see some of our creations or come up with one of your own.   View Gallery>>

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